1.12 Closing Meditation - audio

“Becoming your own best friend.”

Audio: GM- Self-Friendliness – Ross (10 min)


Becoming your own best friend:
Sit in a comfortable fashion.
Let your body relax and be at rest.
As best you can, let your mind be quiet, letting go of plans.
Then begin to softly recite inwardly the following phrases directed to yourself.

“May I be well.”
“May I be happy.”
“May I be peaceful and at ease.”
“May I be filled with friendliness.”

Picture yourself as a young and beloved child.
Let the feelings of being held in a loving embrace arise with the words.
Adjust the words and images so that you find the exact phrases that best open your heart of kindness.
Repeat the phrases again and again, letting the feelings permeate your mind and every cell of your body.
Practice this meditation repeatedly for a number of weeks until the sense of loving-friendliness for yourself grows.

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